Creating a bulb garden

on Thu, 11/03/2022 - 22:55

I wanted to create a garden along our driveway and brick planter that would have various flower bulbs growing in it. The area was covered with thick grass and weeds, though. So in August, I covered the area with cardboard and put planters, large rocks, etc on top to hold it down. I routinely watered it, which helps to weigh it down.

In late October, we pulled up all the cardboard to show that the weeds and grass below had all died off. In early November we began the hard work to create the garden. Then we dug down a few inches, placed various bulbs, and then covered with a mix of that dirt and compost. Then everything got buried in a deep layer of mulch to keep it safe during the fall and winter. Now to wait for spring!

Update: Come March, plants started popping up. Thanks to the cold weather we've been having, everything is running kate (crocus should have been up by March 1). But it looks beautiful and new plants have popped up every day.

We planted: single tulips, double tulips, daffodils, crocuc, hyacinth, gladiolus, and more. There's hundreds of bulbs across the two areas. We were lucky and picked up large mixed bags on clearance in late summer.