Wish List

Here's some items we need for the garden in order to not only grow as much as we did last year, but increase the amount and variety that we can grow. Some of the items we had to front all the costs ourselves so that we could get started - those are marked with an asterisk. Hoping to pick up some donations or purchases from our Craft Site in order to reimburse the costs. 

We choose to do a much bigger garden each year than we need for ourselves in order to donate to the community. Last year we were able to donate hundreds of pounds and are looking forward to increasing both the variety and poundage this year.

Purchases can be made on our Craft Site to help support the gardens or funds donated via CashApp to $JenniSimonis


Raised beds - adding two 4'x8'x1' beds and one 4'x8'x2' bed, $285 from a local builder

Raised bed soil - we'll need about 5 cubic yards to fill the new beds and account for settling in the beds. It is $310 from Boring Bark (delivered)

Seedling soil* - needed to grow the seedlings; $54 at Wilco and $12 at Paradise Acres Garden Center

Pots & Trays* - we needed to replace some seedling cells and flat trays without holes - $35 at Paradise Acres Garden Center and $46 at Amazon

Power* - plant timer & power strip for seedlings - $30 at Amazon

Greenhouse* - greenhouse for moving seedlings outside and a temp/humidity gauge - $92 at Amazon

Lighting* - s-biners to hold up lights and chains for lights - $20 at Amazon and $56 at Home Depot

Amazon Wish List - this list includes irrigation tubing and lines and gift cards to stores where can pick up items for the garden